California Female Inmates Sterilized; Doctor Said It Was More Cost Effective Than Welfare


What in the world is this? Are we in WWII Germany? How can this happen today IN CALIFORNIA? This is beyond words and against all belief. There should be  a strong condemnation and criminal charges against all those who partook in this horrible affair that reminds us of eugenic practices of times past.... or present (i guess)...


Via HuffPo

Doctors illegally sterilized at least 148 female California inmates, according to a new report.

Some inmates who spoke with the Center for Investigative Reporting said they were coerced by doctors into getting tubal ligation surgeries. The procedures allegedly took place between 2006 and 2010 at the California Institution for Women in Corona and Valley State Prison for Women in Chowchilla, which is now a men's prison, according to CIR.

Doctors conducted the surgeries "without required state approvals," and inmates and prison advocates said they were aimed at pregnant prisoners who were "deemed likely to return to prison in the future," CIR found.


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  • commented 2013-07-09 17:26:23 -0700
    If it were an eye for an eye-these doctors should be required to undergo sterilization. At least I hope they loose their licenses to practice.
  • commented 2013-07-09 11:42:18 -0700
    forced sterilization is identified as act of genocide by the UN human rights charter. Historically the IHS under the Bureau of Indian Affairs did this ubiquitously for several decades to Native American and Alaska native women. Question. When will the Prison Doctors be charged and when will the public criminal trials take place?