Corrections Corporation of America’s Robocall to the Southwest Ranches/Pembroke Pines Community

FLHA0791_CCAGoAway-225x300.jpgThanks to the residents of Southwest Ranches/Pembroke Pines for posting this on their site. The Florida privatization bill is dead; now what? How does this affect the community of Broward county? It seems that Corrections Corporation of America, or CCA, is feeling the pain. They issued a robocall, which the residents downloaded and we have provided at the bottom of this post for you to hear. What are YOUR thoughts–should CCA stop this nonsense and listen to the real wants and needs of the residents?



We suppose that Prison, Inc., knew a few days ago that their darling sellouts in the Florida legislature weren’t going to bring home the bacon to sugar daddy.  Tonight, we are pleased to announce the bill to privatize South Florida state prisons, SB2038, died 19 to 21 votes at the hands of the Senate.  A related bill, SB2036 was shelved on 1/26.In the robocall, CCA neglects to mention their full name which is Corrections Corporation of America, LLC.  The “development opportunity” the young lady speaks of is that of SWR having a contract with ICE to round up illegal immigrants, warehousing them in a prison (not a “processing center or detention center“), skimming a percent or two off the proceeds, and being stuck with a potentially dangerous eyesore in our Rural Lifestyle community. CCA and Mayor Nelson are very frustrated that Pines most probably will terminate the agreement to provide water and fire service to their prison.   CCA is trying to scare people into believing that Pembroke Pines will raise taxes by $3 Million dollars if this happens. Mayor Nelson is on record saying that SWR will save money by starting their own fire department.  Mayor Nelson has been spouting talking points for CCA for so long now, he apparently has lost all sensibility.

The funny thing is that we have a company, with the name of CCA trying to convince us all how good this prison will be for us and that we residents don’t really get how good it is and that it will have “minimal impact” on the community.

Listen to the CCARoboCall

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