DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano Defends Raid On Home Of Undocumented Youth Leader

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Elise Foley over at The Huffington Post reported today that the head of The Department of Homeland Security defended the raid on the Arizona home of undocumented youth leader Erika Andiola. On the evening on January 10th Andiola's home was raided by Immigration and Customs Enforcement where brother, Humberto Andiola, and mother, Maria Arreola were arrested. 

Here's what Foley is reporting

Napolitano told Phoenix NBC affiliate KPNX that Maria Arreola was taken in because of a previous deportation in 1998 and traffic arrest last year. Maria Arreola was therefore considered a priority case, she said.

"I can't tell what you was in the file, and often time what is in the press doesn't include everything that is in the file," she told KPNX's Brahm Resnik.

She added that a majority of deportations fit under the agency's priorities, but that prosecutorial discretion "can kick in" when determining whether an individual should, like Andiola's mother and brother, be removed. She would not say whether she had a role in Arreola's release, according to Resnik.

This is Napolitano on Pheonix's KPNX

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