IDREAM Campaign: Telling DREAMer Stories - And Telling YOU to vote!

IDREAM's goal is to show the faces of the immigrant youth movement through art. IDREAM started with it's original campaign which consisted of photographing Dreamers with the US flag painted on their skin symbolizing that it is almost like in their skin to be part of the US.


The IDREAM art exhibition was displayed from NY, Texas and In Phoenix / Tucson areas. It was also the front cover art for Phoenix New Times. IDREAM has a very ambitious vision and that is to change the perspective of how "America" views undocumented immigrants especially dream act eligible youth. this of course is why we have been working with on a series that will introduce people to the world of Dreamers, showing the lighter side of our constant activism and letting people know we are like every other citizen. "Untitled" a 12 episode series documenting the faces and stories of undocumented youth in Arizona will be the beginning of our journey to peruse that these stories are seen across the US by mainstream America.

IDREAM, along with DRM Capitol Group, has also put out a project called "Su Voz Mi Voto," you can see PSA below. As undocumented peoples, we have a voice and it is going to be heard in the voting polls! We have friends, family members and neighbors that are eligible to vote and we can influence them on voting for dream friendly candidates.



Connect With IDREAM: @IDREAM_campaign,

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