New DHS Sec. Says Deportation Quotas Aren't A Good Idea. Cool, But What About Detention Quotas?


img via flickr: Chairman of the Join Chiefs Of Staff

Huff Po obtained a letter from Jeh Johnson, the new DHS secretary, to Sen. Dick Durbin where he claims deportation quotas aren't a good idea. That's a great, we agree, but we have a follow up question, "Are detention quotas ok?" 

### via Huffington Post

WASHINGTON -- Newly-confirmed Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson told Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) in a Dec. 12 letter that he opposes setting quotas or goals for deportations, an issue garnering increased scrutiny as the fight for immigration reform stalls in the House.

"I do not believe that deportation quotas or numeric goals are a good idea," Johnsonwrote in the letter, obtained by HuffPost and confirmed by Durbin's office. "As I stated above, in my view, immigration enforcement must be focused first on those who pose a threat to our national security, public safety and the integrity of our borders. If confirmed, I intend to continually evaluate the prosecutorial discretion guidelines of Immigration and Customs Enforcement to ensure they are consistent with the Department's enforcement priorities."


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