Obama, Senate Dems To Push For Pathway To Citizenship In Immigration Reform


The Obama Administration has disclosed some of his immigration reform plan to The New York Times, and it looks like he's shooting for a single "comprehensive" bill that includes a pathway to citizenship for the 11 million undocumented immigrants in the country. 

Mr. Obama and Senate Democrats will propose the changes in one comprehensive bill, the officials said, resisting efforts by some Republicans to break the overhaul into smaller pieces — separately addressing young illegal immigrants, migrant farmworkers or highly skilled foreigners — which might be easier for reluctant members of their party to accept.

The president and Democrats will also oppose measures that do not allow immigrants who gain legal status to become American citizens one day, the officials said.

The President's stance on a pathway to citizenship is supported by his proponent's perceived mandate but more importantly by Obama's position of debt in relation the the Latino electorate who came out 75 percent in favor of reelection. A number that was quick too see many Republicans reconsider their position on immigration.

Still, the administration's proposal is a bit of a contrast compared to the piecemeal approach - with no pathway to citizenship- that some Republicans are proposing. Emphasis on the "some," as not everyone in the GOP has reconsidered they're stance on immigration. e.g. Iowa Rep. Steve King who's first bill to the 113th Congress was a bill reconsidering birthright citizenship.  

 Are either parties presenting a sensible approach to immigration? Let us know where YOU stand in the comments below. 

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  • Julie Corrales
    commented 2013-01-15 12:24:51 -0800
    Amnesty for all descendants of the native people of this continent… that is the only route that i’d consider fair reparations for the cultural genocide imposed upon us… BUT being a rational American, i understand this won’t pass (just yet; give us a few more generations to seize the majority)… SO – i say let’s push for an ATTAINABLE (logistically, financially) path to citizenship for people who have proven to be an established, contributing member of society (i.e., work, pay taxes, raise families, shop and live here) – a path that DOES NOT require they return to their country of origin for any time at all.