Two Salsa Choices at This Year’s Super Bowl. And We’re Not Talking ‘Bout Dip. Wepa!

2012-01-23-Victor_Cruz-thumb.jpgThis year you’re gonna have more salsa than the one you dip your chips in. Victor Cruz and Aaron Hernandez from the NY Giants and New England Patriots respectively are two stars Latinos that will be duking it out on the field. And possibly having a dance off. Throughout this year’s NFL season NY Giant’s WR Victor Cruz has been celebrating his touchdowns with some salsa moves, and word has it that New Englands Patriots TE Aaron Hernandez may bust out his own moves. Check out the two athletes profiled by Julio Pabon via Huffington Post


El Bronx – New York lights shined brighter the second NY Giants, Lawrence Tynes kicked his 31-yard field goal through the uprights in San Francisco yesterday to send the Giants to Super Bowl XLVI with a 20-17 victory over the 49ers in the NFC Championship. I really believe that New Yorker’s let out such a unison scream that it was probably heard in San Francisco. The NY Giants have become the surprising team in these NFL post-season games giving all New Yorkers a sense of pride that has been felt throughout the state.

Rookie Salsero, Victor Cruz, had an additional following of Latinos and particularly Puerto Ricans who are always proud to see another Boricua, even if only a half Boricua because of his mother. Cruz had a great game setting the pace for New York with 8 of his 10 receptions in the first half and finished with an impressive 142 yards. “It’s just been a tremendous effort by all of us, man,” Stated Cruz. He continued, “We understand that any one of us can get hot at any moment. As long as we’re all on the same page and just playing together, man, we’ve got a great group of guys.”

Meanwhile in Foxboro, MA the Patriots did what many in all New England expected defeating the fighting Ravens 23 – 20. The Baltimore Ravens played their hearts out but lost the game on a missed field goal with seconds remaining to take the game into overtime.

Patriots’ wide receiver, Aaron Hernández, the other Latino with Boricua blood also had a great game with 7 receptions for a total of 66 yards to help the Patriots head to Super Bowl XLVI and make this year’s Bowl a North East Affair. Though to some this will be like saying Boston & NY, Giants being Blue and the Patriots having a little red on their helmets. However, to many Boricuas this Super Bowl XLVI will be special seeing a historic encounter of two last names like Cruz & Hernández of Puerto Rican ancestry playing in the number one spectator sport in the USA.

This could not come at a better time for many in the Puerto Rican community that have been conducting weekly protests in front of the ABC studios because of the insulting joke that was aired in the now defunct sitcom, “Work It” when one line read: “I’m Puerto Rican, I would be great at selling Drugs.” Now they can add, “We are NFL Super Bowl players and we don’t sell drugs” to their list of chants.”

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