Undocumented Students to Romney, "Forget About Latino Vote if You Don't Support Dream Act"

Today Mitt Romney is in California for fundraising. He will be met by undocumented students protesting his stance on the DREAM Act. One of the message the protestors are sending is that Mitt Romney can forget about the Latino vote if he opposes the most popular form of immigration reform today; immigration reform for undocumented students. It’s a bit of a stretch to say one of the goals is to have Mitt Romney change his stance, protestors understand that what is promises during campaigns become “i’ll try” during office. Especially with “etch-a-sketch” Romney. Indirectly this message is also for Obama, who overwhelmingly holds the Latino vote, which for the most part represents undocumented students and workers. The message is, “we’re organizing, we’re registering to vote, and we won’t forgive Democrats if you don’t embark on a serious attempt at passing the DREAM Act and/or immigration reform.”

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Undocumented young people plan to hold rallies on Monday and Tuesday to “unwelcome” Mitt Romney to several California cities that will be hosting Romney fundraisers. They’re focusing on his opposition to the Dream Act, hoping to push him to support the bill in order to win over Latino voters.

The protests are part of a larger effort targeting Republicans by “Dreamers,” young supporters of the bill, which would allow some undocumented teens and 20-somethings to become legal residents if they attended college or joined the military and maintained a clean criminal record. The bill failed in the Senate in 2010, but Democrats plan to continue pushing it.

Romney has said repeatedly that he would veto the bill if it came to his desk as president, and he has beenendorsed by former California Gov. Pete Wilson, an immigration hardliner.

Opposition to the bill, which many Republicans consider “amnesty” for undocumented immigrants, could be a problem for GOP candidates trying to woo Latino voters, who by and large support the bill. Latino voters are planning to join the undocumented youth at the rallies, according to a press release from DRM Capitol Group, which lobbies for the Dream Act.

The rallies are meant “to send a message that undocumented youth do have a voice in this electoral year — the Latino vote,” the group said in a statement.

Protests will take place in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Irving and San Diego.

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