Wal-Mart Is Buying Anti-Strike Segments On This Cable News Network. Guess Which One.

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Wal-Mart is actually doing this. They're buying anti-strike segments on Fox News, where you can see how scared they are of the forthcoming Black Friday strike. You know how you can tell they're scared? Cause all this VP of Communications at Wal-Mart guy can say  is "Black Friday is going to be awesome!" Here's more via Media Matters


In an interview with a Walmart spokesperson about the planned strike, Fox News' Stuart Varney did not mention the concerns of the company's workers, instead praising the company for "taking on" unions, asking if they planned to fire striking workers, and plugging the company's charitable efforts following Hurricane Sandy. Following the segment, Fox News ran a banner ad explaining that "this program is brought to you by Walmart," followed by an advertisement for the company's Black Friday promotion. 

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  • commented 2012-11-20 04:36:35 -0800
    The only reason Wal Mart came to help with Hurricane Sandy is because they want to open in New York City.