Marco Rubio To The Rescue? Wait What? What Huevos!

Screen_Shot_2013-01-12_at_1.00.12_PM.pngIt is just unbelievable how the Wall Street Journal has turned into a shameless PR machine for the supposedly next great Latino hope: Marco Rubio? In their latest article they tout Mr. Rubio as the next big immigration hope. The savior of all. The one who holds the answers to this dilemma. What?

Are we talking about the same Rubio who last year opposed the DREAM act because according to him it rewarded "illegal" behavior - only to turn around and present a tweaked version - this time for his political ambitions?

The same Rubio who is afraid to stand up to the fringe and nativists who call for all sorts of absurd and crazy ideas, some of which actually made it into his own proposal (ehem "self Deportation") - just ask FAIR?

The same Rubio who supported Arizona bill SB1070, the persecution and discrimination of immigrants showing a complete and misguided misunderstanding of who immigrants really are and why they come here in the first place? 

The same Marco Rubio that has "unsettling close ties" with the GEO group and private detention facilities that profit off of the incarceration of immigrants?

The same Marco Rubio who slams President Obama for a proposal he is now espousing? 

Oh yeah, that Rubio - the one using this as yet another political ploy, by another politician playing for another political ambition. Are you running for president Mr. Rubio? Go ahead play with the souls of 11 million people. Tell them exactly what you have done in the past. You want to help? Stop the promotion and give us a bill that helps 11 million people not only YOU.

If Marco Rubio is the one coming to the rescue - then we are drowning for sure.


WSJ Original Article Here

During his successful Senate campaign two years ago, an attack leaflet picturing "the Real Rubio" alongside an image of Che Guevara was sent to GOP voters. The mailer noted that Mr. Rubio championed laws in the state legislature to give children of illegal immigrants in-state tuition and health benefits. After going to Washington, he was then criticized for not doing enough on immigration reform. The Congressional Hispanic Caucus branded him "a wolf in sheep's clothing" and a Miami-based Hispanic group called him "a Benedict Arnold." 

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