The NSA is tracking 5B Phone Locations. Daily.

flickr: MTSOfan Your phone is pretty much a tracking device. That's with Geo-locator on or off.  ### via Washington Post... Read more
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Official wants to defund library because "they're teaching Mexicans how to speak English."

img via wikimedia We thoughts nativist alwasy complained that immigrants weren't learning English. You can't win with these folks.  via... Read more
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VIDEO: How These Texas High School Students Slam This Sexist Christian Speaker

“Dateable girls know how to shut up.” - Yup that's an actual advice from this loon, Justin Lookadoo, a self-proclaimed... Read more
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VIDEO: White supremacist takes DNA test, finds out he's part black

Well, that's awkward: A white supremacist who made headlines worldwide for plotting to take over a town in North Dakota... Read more
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Outcry over lack of Latino inclusion at PBS

NHMC Issues Open Letter on Lack of Latino Inclusion at PBS Pasadena, CA -  The National Hispanic Media Coalition (NHMC) today... Read more
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Obama Nominates Jeh Johnson To Replace Janet Napolitano As Head of Homeland Security

Image Source:  Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff on Flickr If confirmed by the Senate, former Pentagon Attorney Jeh Johnson... Read more
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NSA Examines U.S. Citizens' Social Network Activity

As each and every layer is uncovered on how the NSA and the administration infringes more and more on the... Read more
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This Private Probation Firm Was Illegaly Extending Sentences

flickr: the.comedian Another example of why private industry should have no space in corrections work.  ### via Nicole Flatow |... Read more
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