NY Times: Obama Lied In Immigration Speech

img via Twitter The New York Times just did something remarkable for immigrant families.  We commend the New York Times... Read more
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ICE Bus That Flipped Over While Carrying Migrants Was Private Contractor

twitter: denisesalinas Racking in the dough on the backs of migrants. Let us know your thoughts below.  ### via ValleyCenter.com... Read more
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ICE Bus Carrying 40 Salvadoran Migrants Crashes in Texas

  twitter: telemundo40 40 migrants from El Salvador were rushed to the hospital after the ICE bus transporting them crashed... Read more
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WikiLeaks publishes secret draft of Trans-Pacific Partnership treaty

flickr: Public Citizen The Trans-Pacific Partnership has been kept under secrecy for a long time, but today Wikileaks has published... Read more
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Felony deportations decline as ICE officers resist former chief's 2010 directive

img via wikimedia Attention is squarely on family seperation.  ### via Chicago Reporter In 2010, the head of the U.S.... Read more
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Predator Drone Crashes In New Mexico

flickr: kolbo The U.S./Mexico border is a popular testing ground for the surveillance and border industry. The U.S. Air Force... Read more
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Settlement Will Block Key Portions Of Alabama's Anti-Immigrant Law

flickr: Cuauhtemoc-Hidalgo Villa-Zapata Some good news for Alabama? Civil rights groups and the state of Alabama have reached a settlement that... Read more
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