NBCLatino: Election efforts shift to getting out the vote

It’s the last opportunity to get people to vote, and Zuleyma Barajas isn’t wasting the opportunity.

The young campaign volunteer went door to door Monday night in North Hollywood, making her appeal in Spanish and in English.

“You’re registered to vote and we wanted to talk to you about Prop 30,” she told one resident.


If you haven’t met Barajas or her fellow volunteers, you might have received a phone call from one of them. And their efforts were doubled on the last evening before the election.

You may also have seen the video produced by a group called “Cuentame” or “Count Me.” The political spot, called “This is What Would Happen If Latinos Don’t Vote,” is airing in battleground states.

“The reality is that the issues matter, the economic, immigration, those issues are really driving out the Latino vote,” said one of the producers, Axel Caballero.

But as the hours slipped away Monday night, Barajas had a simple goal: get people to vote.

“We wanted to let them know how important it is to go out and it doesn’t matter what they vote for,” she said. “We just want them to get out and vote.”


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