VIDEOS: Ads Remade - With Honesty


via Fox Sport Radio 620 

So while the Budweiser and Go Daddy Super Bowl ads caught most of the attention from the Super Bowl this year, one of the critic's favorite ads seemed to be the Dodge/Chrysler ad, that used the legendary voice of Paul Harvey.

The Dodge ad - which was adapted from a 2011 video tribute to farmers - also seemed to forget the realities of farming today, as Kay Steiger of Raw Story pointed out. Facts like 72 percent of all farm workers in America today are foreign born, and 22 percent are female, didn't seem to make it into the original commercial.

That's why Isaac Cubillos - an award-winning Hispanic journalist - and the Latino rights group Cuéntame both remade the Paul Harvey ad, in two different ways.

Check out the more honest farmer ads, below. 




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