11 year old Mexican genius will be attending Harvard?



-- A representative from Harvard University tells The Huffington Post that the school "has no record" of Luis Roberto Ramirez Alvarez, despite reports from Mexican media outlets that the 11-year-old would be attending the university. 



Via San Diego Red

Luis Roberto Ramirez Alvarez, who is only 11 years old and originally from Zamora, Michoacan Mexico, will now be attending one of the most prestigious universities in the U.S., Harvard, to study Quantum Physics Engineering.

Luis Roberto has an IQ that is comparable to that of the German physicist, Albert Einstein, which is between 152 and 160.

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  • commented 2013-06-20 00:16:31 -0700
    Well, i wish this child do something great for the humanity someday, for some special mission they are sent to earth since they have more capabilities then average. And about anti-immigrants? Well i think some politics in the congress that their brain gets stuck like and old car gets stuck in mud, in slavery ideas. ANyways we the immigrants want to have a better life quality as investing in our own business in USA, i hope soon those absurd ‘’politicians specially from GOP’’ open their minds to people already here with talents not really exploited for good.

    God bless this child and the others as well who dont have same capabilities….they are the continuation …