52 y/o Costa Rican Immigrant Hailed As Hero For Boston Rescue Efforts

 It is during the most difficult times that we see the true nature of individuals and human beings come out. It is an inspiring act of valor by a man who has called this country his home for the last 30 yrs. 


Story via The Guardian

The aftermath of many public disasters sees the swift emergence of a public hero to counterpoint the tragedy. With the Boston Marathon explosions, this person is even more extraordinary than usual: a cowboy-hatted peace campaigner and bereaved father called Carlos Arredondo. 

The 52-year-old Costa Rican immigrant is visible in a series of photos and videos taken immediately after the twin blasts near the race finish line.

The distinctive, long-haired figure sprints across the street to tear away fencing and scaffolding to get to victims. Reports said he used his own clothes and towels to try to staunch bleeding.


In one particularly graphic photograph, Arredondo can be seen seemingly pinching shut the end of an artery on the part-severed leg of a man being carried away in a wheelchair. "I kept talking to him. I kept saying: 'Stay with me, stay with me,'" Arredondo told the newspaper Maine Today.

Another image shows him carrying away a small, blood-soaked American flag.


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