[VIDEO] Maricopa County Gives Spanish-Speaking Voters Incorrect Election Date

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Screen_shot_2012-10-17_at_2.43.14_PM.pngMaricopa county, home of the toughest sheriff in America, Joe Arpaio, "mistakenly" printed November 8th as the election date in their Spanish translation of voter registration cards. Honest mistake? The county's Election Department has since fixed the mistake and claims only 50 of the faulty cards were distrubted.

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via ABC15 (h/t Latino Rebels)


By: Tim Vetscher


PHOENIX, AZ - The Maricopa County Elections Department mistakenly listed the wrong date of the upcoming general election on an official government document. 

The error appears on a document containing a voter ID card. 

In addition to the ID card, the piece of paper it comes in lists other information such as important election dates. 
In the corner of the document, it says November 6th in English but in Spanish it reads 8 de Noviembre, the 8th of November.

Election day is November 6th, not November 8th. 

Charlotte Walker of Sun City received one of the voter ID documents with the incorrect date. 

Typically the documents are mailed out to voters but Walker picked hers up in person at the Maricopa County Recorder's Office in downtown Phoenix. 

A spokesperson for the Maricopa County Elections Department said they've traced the mistake to those documents distributed over the counter. 

The Elections Department spokesperson assured ABC15 the only people affected by the mistake are those who received their voter ID card document in person at the recorder's office and not through the mail. 

The Elections Department spokesperson estimates fewer than 50 people received a document showing the incorrect date. 

Walker believes the mistake could have serious consequences. 

"It could have a significant impact on the election outcome because they'd go to the polls on November 8th and they wouldn't be open," said Walker. "They wouldn't be able to cast their vote this year." 

In a press release, the Elections Department claims to be basing the number of 50 on what they've distributed over the counter in previous years. 

The press release doesn't indicate if those were election years.


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