A Burger King Employee Let's You Know Why Burger King Is The Worst


This is poverty. It's a reality - we don't want to see or hear it - we are content with our dollar whoppers - and .50 cent jumbo size upgrade. In the meantime it lines with billions the pockets of a few. Afraid to pay more? Afraid your pseudo food called whopper will cost a bit more next time? This is poverty - get used to it.

### via Alter Net

Wilson participated in a  protest in Detroit, Michigan last week. 

1. What is your typical day like?

Everyday for me is different. I can tell you how a typical Saturday is like: first I wake up around 8am to go to work at Burger King from 10am to 6pm. After I get off of work from Burger King, I go to my second job at Jet's Pizza from 6pm to midnight. After I get done with working, sometimes I hang with friends, sometimes I just go to sleep.

2. There's been a lot of talk lately about people wanting work/life balance. Does your job provide that?

My work/life balance is pretty rough at times. There's not even much time for me, let alone anyone else. In a weird way though, having both jobs does provide balance to me and a change of scene, but I'm not sure about others.


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  • Mandraco Mortis
    commented 2013-08-07 14:37:01 -0700
    That IS poverty?!?! You should take a look at Puerto Rico, over here not many respects Minimum Wage laws and we are kept getting paid $5.25/hr in almost every job we do in an economy each day more torn. In the continental USA the cost of living is a lot lower thanks to their agricultural laws. In Puerto Rico Federal government establish whatever fees they want local farmers to pay and even sets them a maximum and minimum price to charge for their products, while this can sound nice it is indeed a tool for fraud and racketing since they set a price for certain fruits while their fees imposed over our farmers are just to benefit some importers, no doubt friends with them, wich can offer the same product at a lower price.