The Beauty and Benefits behind Bilingualism


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Always knew that my brain was pretty the whole article to find out about recent studies that show all of the developmental, mental and emotional benefits to growing up bilingual.

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Speaking more than one language may have many lifelong benefits for our minds.

Growing up bilingual in America is often a fact of life for those in the Latino community. Many Latinos have proudly toed the line between assimilation and cultural preservation with their language skills. Turns out that communicating in more than one language on a daily basis has its rewards. In today’s rapidly globalizing economy, it’s a valuable skill. And now several recent studies have discovered that it can hold long-term benefits for the brain’s physical well-being.

Scientists have long suspected that enhanced mental abilities could be tied to structural differences in the mind. For example, a musician’s brain structure changes with long hours of practicing; a mathematician’s with an influx of left-brain problem solving. Now, adding to this, many are suggesting that bilingualism could do the same, forcing the brain to physically adapt to its constantly changing mental environment. How exactly do these changes work, and what are their benefits?


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