Cali Undocumented Youth Rally In Support of TRUST Act, Protest Sheriff Baca

A2JOgMICIAAK44J.jpegPeople on the progressive net heard of undocumented activists being arrested outside the DNC in hopes swaying Obama to reconsider his record breaking deportation strategy and stand on the right side of history. What people might have missed is the action in Los Angeles that protested LA Sheriff Lee Baca's deportations. Los Angeles is often thought of an oasis friendly to immigrants, but activists hold that Baca's deportations numbers are higher than Arpaio's deportation numbers. Thursday activist held a protest against Baca and in support of the CA TRUST Act. 

Four of the activists are in danger of being deported. Visit the Immigrant Youth Coalition's blog to see how you may help. 

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article via KPCC

Dozens of undocumented immigrants gathered outside of the Mens’ Jail in downtown Los Angeles to rally for a state bill that would curb police enforcement of immigration law.

Many of the young people looked straight out of high school or college, clad in tight jeans and T-shirts, and spiked hair. Over the last couple of years, this core group of unlawful young immigrants has become more radicalized and outspoken about immigration enforcement.

The group took over an intersection and blocked traffic. More than 30 minutes passed before police and firemen came to the scene and gave ample warning before making arrests.

First, they rallied for the DREAM Act; now, they’re rallying for the TRUST Act. If signed into law by Governor Brown by the end of the month, the TRUST Act will require local police to release immigrants who have been arrested once their bond is posted, as long as they have no serious convictions.

Read full article via KPCC

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