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El camino recorrido. Has your dream been realized?

El profesor Herbert Medina de la Universidad Loyola Marymount nos cuenta la historia de porque su familia dejo su pais de El Salvador para venir a los Estados Unidos.

Professor Herbert Medina of Loyola Marymount University tells the story of why his family left their native El Salvador to come to the United States.


Your dream stops here!

Activist/Blogger Kyle De Beausset talks about the importance of the Dream Act for undocumented youth. What is…or was your dream?


Share the Dream

‘Alonzo’ is among the thousands of undocumented college graduates who hit a road block after graduation due to the fact that it becomes difficult to find or keep employment because of their legal status. Over a million young people depend on the Dream Act to continue their education and become legalized.

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Share the DREAM! Part 2

If passed, the DREAM Act would provide financial assistance to hundreds of thousands of undocumented youth who would qualify.

Every year, only 5-10% of undocumented high school grads go on to college, many due to lack of funds.

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Share the Dream! Dream Act Part 3

LMU Professor Herbert Medina discusses the importance of the Dream Act

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Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and YOUR rights!

1) Protect our birth citizenship rights
2) Protect culture and language diversity
3) Protect our contribution to society
4) Protect the community from racial profiling.

Enough – Spread the word!


When was the last time you Dreamed?

Cuéntame is proud to announce our upcoming series based on the actions that many Dreamers around the country are courageously doing to make the Dream Act a reality. Join us and make the Dream a reality.


Dreamers – Town Hall

Join the Dreamers at their Town Hall meeting in LA and be inspired by powerful speeches and stories. Support the Dreamers @ Facebook.com/Cuentame


Email Your Senator – Say Yes to Dream Act!

Tell them you support the Dream Act and it is crucial they must support as well. Email


Carlos and Sofia – True DREAMERS

The future of America, bright, passionate, patriotic. Let them Dream

Pass the Dream Act now.


The Reality of Dreams

Yesterday Dreamers in LA conducted a ‘die in’ symbolizing the dreams that will die without the passage of the Dream Act. Support the hard work the Dreamers continue to do every day in a fight for their education and future.

Courtesy of Dreamersadrift.com


This is it!

After 10 years of fighting this is the last stand. Call your senator at 1-866-996-5161 and tell them we must pass the Dream Act NOW!


Voice of a Dreamer

A DREAM Act student shares his personal story with Cuéntame. VOTE COMING SOON CALL 1-866-967-6018 – Support the DREAM


Latino Voice of 2010 – The DREAMERS

Cuéntame is proud to announce the DREAMERS as the pick for the Latino Voice of 2010. We honor their bravery, courage, and commitment in their fight for the DREAM Act since 2001.


Community fights for immigrant rights

Watch this inspiring video and share it with your friends. Read the entire article here: http://on.fb.me/eKbYqe

DREAMer Needs Your Help to Stay in the U.S.

Thanks to Iván Ceja for this post! Ricardo Muniz is a 22-year old student, environmentalist, community activist, teen mentor, DREAM promoter, son, and brother. He is originally from Michoacan, Mexico, and was brought over by his parents to the United States when he was seven years old.

On May 19, 2011, Ricardo received notice that he is to be deported by June 9, 2011. icardo remains in the US, but the most critical days are ahead. A legal effort is underway and his attorney IS CONVINCED continued public support (signatures, letters, etc.) is important, now more than ever. To learn more on how to take action visit http://www.cadreamnetwork.org/


Who the #$%^ Are You Calling “Illegal”?

How many times can Lou Dobbs and Rep. Brian Billbray (R) call DREAMERS “Illegal” on a 3 minutes Fox News report? Count them yourself! Mainstream media has made it a point to drive this message in an attempt to vilify folks like the DREAMERS – who are courageously fighting to stay in the only place they call home. – No human being is illegal!

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