Happy National Voter Registration Day!


Today is National Voter Registration Day, are you registered?

This day came about as a partnership of over 300 organizations including Cuentame to raise awareness about voter registration. In 2008 6 million Americans did not register to vote either because they missed a deadline or didn’t know how to or where to register. So this year on the 1st annual National Voter Registration Day organizations across the country are taking part in coordinated field, media and technology efforts to raise awareness about voter registration opportunities nationwide.

National Voter Registration Day volunteers will work at hundreds of sites across the country to register voters on the ground, while each partner organization and their members will combine social media outreach and a turn-key voter registration tool to spread the word online. News, event listings, and the coalition’s online voter registration tool are available at www.NationalVoterRegistrationDay.org.

Here at Cuentame we have been doing our part this election year by producing a series of videos aimed at increasing voter registration and voter turnout specifically in the Latino community. And we’re not done yet as the election season continues we will release more videos in order to inform and inspire our community to go out and vote. “This is an unprecedented time for Latinos, our efforts are already having an effect,” explains Axel Caballero Founder/Director of Cuéntame. “Our content is being used by partners nationwide and already we have seen the enthusiasm for this election among Latinos, go way up.”

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