How To Shoot A Gangster Without Casualties

BeforeTheFlip.jpgIn a time where more often than not Latinos are in the headlines for negative things, its almost exhilarating to see a talented artist trying to make something beautiful out of what others commonly frown upon. 


   via Adam Amengual





Born in New York to Puerto Rican parents, Adam Amengual, is currently the breath of fresh air Latino art needed. One of the latest fellows of cultural and artistic organization "En Foco", Amengual tries to focus his art on culturally relevant topics and collaborating with non-profit Latino organizations. His stand-out work includes his "Homies" series done in collaboration with LA-based non-profit "Homeboy Industries" and his "Day Laborers" series created with NDLON (National Day Laborers Organizing Network). 



In the artist statement for this series Amengual writes, "I photographed people who have made the decision to change their lives for the better. The people in these images are all former gang members or had spent time incarcerated before walking through the doors at Homeboy Industries. It is a place that takes people in and sees the potential in them when others do not. In shooting this project I hope that the viewer can see the subjects for what they are; humans trying to better themselves."



 "On any given day at least 117,600 workers in the United States are either looking for day-labor jobs or working as day laborers. The median hourly wage for day laborers is $10/hr, but it is unlikely that their annual earnings exceed $15,000/year, keeping them at or below the federal poverty threshold," Amengual writes on his website. 

Whether it's with his work with recovering gangsters, struggling day laborers, or with his landscape and other portraiture photography, it is undeniable that Amengual is a master at his craft aiming to bring Latinos to the forefront of art. 

To keep up to date with his work and to check out the complete "Homies" and "Day Laborers" series visit Amengual's website: or follow him on twitter: @AAmengual.


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