Immigrants and Second Generation Americans less likely to Commit Crimes than Native-Born Americans


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A study by Biance E. Bersani with the Pew Research Center, dispels myths surrounding immigrants and second-generation American crime rates. Research shows that there is 25 percent criminality peak for native-born Americans at the age of 16 while it is a little less than 25 percent for second-generation Americans and 17 percent for first-generation Americans. Read more on the report and what this data says about second-generation Americans below. 

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Pew Research Center report released last week found that second generation immigrants have “striking similarities” to their native-born, non-Hispanic white counterparts when it comes to committing crime. In fact, when it comes to crime rates, second-generation offenders are merely “catching up” to the native-born population.

Biance E. Bersani conducted the study using data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics National Longitudinal Survey of Youth 1997, and found that criminality peaks at the age of 16 for 25 percent of the native-born population and a little less than 25 percent for second-generation immigrants. Meanwhile, 17 percent of 16 year old first-generation immigrants committed crime. Overall, first-generation immigrants commit crime at a lower rate than second-generation and native-born, non-Hispanic whites.


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