Immigrants Rebuild After Moore, Okla. Tornado

8797508261_5814a38a08.jpgflickr: wahoorob 80

Immigrants were in New Orleans after Katrina, in New York after Sandy, so it comes as little surpirse that immigrants are a contributing force in efforts to rebuild Oklahoma after the Moore Tornado. 

### via NPR

Pastor Chano Najera calls out T-shirt sizes in Spanglish to volunteers waiting for their uniforms.

It's easy to spot Najera in this crowd — just look for the cowboy hat. He preaches in Spanish at Templo De Alabanza in Oklahoma City. On this morning, though, he's wrangling a group of young Latino volunteers as they wheel cases of water bottles onto trucks headed for Moore, Okla., where an EF-5 tornado ripped through neighborhoods last week, but spared Najera's home.


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