Immigration Reform Goes Primetime


Do you watch The Good Wife on CBS? I just started watching this season and I like it! The Chicago based drama is clearly produced by a bunch of pinko, lefty, liberals (love) as they regularly take on progressive issues with a very liberal point of view. It’s refreshing because they do not seem to care much about alienating their audience, the show is highly rated and going strong at the end of it’s second season. This season they have made a valiant effort to take on immigration reform.

For several weeks now, America Ferrara has guest starred as a DePaul University graduate student and financial wizard in the middle of a political scandal as she is the former undocumented nanny of a woman running for State’s Attorney. What’s great about this story line is that it has given the show writers the opportunity to discuss immigration reform in front of a very large national audience multiple times.

In last night’s episode, Ferrera’s character’s father was arrested in what can only be called the worst case of racial profiling, and was within minutes of being swept up by I.C.E. if it were not for the influence and skill of Diane Lockhart and Eli Gold. To be fair, Eli Gold is partially responsible for Natalie’s (Ferrera) current immigration woes, but that’s for you to find out when you watch the episodes online. I have yet to hear her or any other character referred to as illegal; they are always undocumented, and each storyline is treated with respect and never panders or relies on irresponsible stereotypes. Kudos to the executive producers of The Good Wife for consistently introducing important social issues, for bringing immigration reform to the forefront, for banishing the word illegal when it comes to human beings and for giving Ugly Betty fans like me a chance to see America Fererra in prime time again!

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