Is Romney taking Campaign Advice from George Lopez?

If you have followed this election cycle at all you know that Mitt Romney has taken an anti-immigrant stance. He has suggested self deportation, said he would veto the Dream Act and applauded Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s efforts in Arizona along with SB1070. However recently he has started to make comments suggesting he may be flipping on this issue. When asked about President Obama’s deferred action for dreamers he as predicted criticized it, but not because it was the wrong thing to do but because he would seek a permanent solution. How about the Dream Act?

And now the Romney campaign releases a new ad in Spanish which features his son Craig speaking about how Romney appreciates that this is a nation of immigrants and that he will work for a bipartisan solution to immigration. He even talks about his grandfather being born in Mexico. I mean is Romney taking campaign advice from George Lopez? Earlier this week while performing in Los Angeles, Lopez said that Romney is a Latino and if he wanted the Latino vote he had to come out of the closet. It appears that with this new ad that’s exactly what Mitt Romney is doing.






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