Jamming to their Roots

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Sure, recipes have material ingridients, but they're also infused with culture. 

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Sabrina Valle wasn’t sure what she wanted to do with her life when she left her fashion marketing job three years ago, exhausted from working too many hours. So she went exploring.

For years she’d been wanting to connect with her roots in Ecuador, where her mother was born, where her grandmother came from. And for four months she did just that. She visited extended family in Quito, took side trips to Chile, Colombia, Peru and Patagonia. Along the way, she polished her Spanish and tasted “some amazing food,” she recalls. In particular, there was an intensely flavored Patagonian jam that was like nothing else she’d ever tried. “They were in these little bottles and I bought some to bring home to give to people,” she said.

Fast forward to the end of her trip. In her Brooklyn home kitchen, Valle was still trying to figure out what to do with herself, still inspired by that Patagonian jam. She called her best friend from college, Jessica Quon, who also happened to be living in New York, and asked: “Do you want to come over and make some jam?”

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