José Luis sin Censura targeted for homophobia & sexism


I personally feel like it’s about time José Luis sin Censura was targeted for its constant use of anti gay, sexist, discriminatory content as well as for instigating violence against its own guests.  It saddens me that such content exists and makes it to so many Latino/Hispanic households, as if it wasn’t difficult enough already to try and open minds within our communities and families about issues such as LGBTQ people.  I’ve heard children talk about this show, and that’s when I know we have a HUGE problem.  So should the show finally be censored?  WHAT DO YOU THINK?

Article: FCC Complaint Filed Against Spanish TV

By: Michelle Garcia

An Federal Communications Commission complaint is being filed against a Spanish-language talk show for its use of offensive language, nudity, and attacks against LGBT people.

The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation GLAAD and the National Hispanic Media Coalition filed the joint complaint to the FCC in regards to the show José Luis Sin Censura, which airs twice a day during the week in 37 markets in the U.S. A six-month analysis of the program in 2010 shows blatant use of antigay slurs, verbal and physical attacks against gay people, and hypersexualized images of women.

A GLAAD-led protest against the show in 2005 prompted KFC, Chevrolet and Nissan to pull advertising. GLAAD issued a call to action against it on June 2010 after multiple guests were attacked with homophobic slurs in Spanish. Nearly 1,000 people sent a petition to Lieberman Broadcasting, Inc., which produces the show.

GLAAD President Jarrett Barrios said in a statement released Monday that the show does not meet the standards of other Spanish-language programming that he says has become more inclusive and fair when portraying LGBT characters or situations.

“It is extremely disturbing to see a show like José Luis Sin Censura air this violent language with impunity and without any regard for the safety of our community,” Barrios said. “At a time when LGBT youth and adults face harassment and violence, it is unacceptable for media to fuel such a climate of intolerance about our community.”

According to GLAAD, the show airs on Estrella TV, which is owned by Liberman and reaches about 70% of the nation’s Latino households and millions of Latinos nationwide.

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