KKK Pushes For Georgia Anti-Immigration Bill


Should be no surprise that this hate group is lending its voice and support for the bill. It should fit well with the organizations and corporations who have lobbied and sponsored it like FAIR and Corrections Corporation of America. After all they are all one in the same , whether it’s for profit or for hate.

Is a Boycott the next step in Georgia? – Axel Caballero, Cuéntame Co-founder.


Via Atlanta Business Chronicle

Things are getting nastier across Georgia in the debate on illegal immigration. Now, a group based out of Philadelphia has arrived in Atlanta equating the legislature’s support of a new tough immigration bill Gov.Nathan Deal is expected to sign into law as something the KKK would support, reports Atlanta Business Chronicle broadcast partner WXIA-TV.

People who oppose the crackdown and want the governor to veto the legislation –House Bill 87 – have erected banners on highway bridges.A banner strung Monday across the North Ave. bridge over the Downtown Connector refers to a north Georgia Ku Klux Klan group that supports the immigration crackdown: “KKK Supports HB87. Gov. Deal, Do You?”

Someone removed the banner by mid-morning, according to WXIA.

The organization helping organize the banner campaign in Georgia is called “The Diversity Projekt,” based in Philadelphia.

An Atlanta volunteer pushing the effort told WXIA late Monday she does not think all supporters of HB87 are KKK sympathizers.

The primary sponsor of the illegal immigration crackdown, Rep. Matt Ramsey, R-Peachtree City, told the television station the banner campaign amounts to “more left-wing hysterics by extremists who can’t accept that most Georgians want the governor to sign it into law.”

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