ACLU is taking on the militarization of police


(Image via flickr: OregonDOT)

In a nationwide investigation that started this past Wednesday, the American Civil Liberties Union set out to obtain information regarding police militarization in the United States.

In 23 states, ACLU affiliates will send open record requests to state and local police departments requesting information about their SWAT teams. The requests will focus on reasons why SWAT teams were utilized, their types of weapons and funding and how often citizens are injured during SWAT team raids.

ACLU and their affiliates are also looking to gain information about drones, GPS tracking devices and other military equipment. The goal is to track how much of the police departments’ equipment is gained through Pentagon and Homeland Security programs and how often state National Guards are aiding in the enforcement of drug laws.

In coming weeks, more affiliates may join the investigation.

Read more at The Huffington Post.


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