New App Created to Help Women Keep Track of their Health


New iPhone apps have been created in efforts to close the gap in healthcare access for women.

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In 2010, the Health 2.0 Developer Challenge was launched to spur creativity among developers to come up with apps that would solve issues in the healthcare field. One such issue has been the unequal access to healthcare information and treatment between women of color and Anglo women.

Research has shown that Latinas and Black women have overall negative outcomes to diagnosed medical conditions when compared to their white counterparts. The main problem has been, and remains, that women of color tend to see their doctors only after too much time has passed between the time when they first notice symptoms and they make that first appointment.

In many cases, the disease is already so advanced by the time they see their doctors that they have to undergo very aggressive treatment, — sometimes, not surviving what could have been a preventable death.

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