Obama Student Loan Poilcy Reaping $51 Billion Profit


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I have an idea, how about we just stop profiting from immigrants AND/OR students altogether? This should be more of an Obama scandal today...Have you been ripped off by loans or lack of access in community colleges or 4 year institutions? Hit me up - for documentary serieshttps://www.facebook.com/axelcaba

### via Huffington Post 

The Obama administration is forecast to turn a record $51 billion profit this year from student loan borrowers, a sum greater than the earnings of the nation's most profitable companies and roughly equal to the combined net income of the four largest U.S. banks by assets.

Figures made public Tuesday by the Congressional Budget Office show that the nonpartisan agency increased its 2013 fiscal year profit forecast for the Department of Education by 43 percent to $50.6 billion from its February estimate of $35.5 billion.

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