Obama Talks Immigration with Religious Leaders


President Obama met with various religious leaders who urged him to pass immigration reform as soon as possible. After the hour-long meeting, some of the religious leaders were optimistic that a comprehensive immigration reform will be in tact this year.

Jordan Fabian, from ABC-Univision reports that Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, President of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Confernece had said,

“I walked out of that meeting with a greater sense of optimism, with the strong  chance of passing comprehensive  immigration reform this year."

Fourteen religious leaders attended this meeting, amongst those where leaders who represented Catholic, Evangelical, Protestant and Mormon churches as well as religions such as Judaism, Hinduism and Islam.

As bipartisan groups continue to build a immigration reform legislation, it is evident that religious leaders have played an essential role in organizing support for immigration reform. Clergy members agreed that President Obama is clearly committed to make an effort and work with Republicans to pass an immigration legislation with a pathway to citizenship.

Jim Wallis, Head of the Christian Group Sojourners said, "There is more than politics involved here, there are moral issues involved here and that is what the faith community is lifting up. He thanked us for that " 


image via flickr Talk Radio News Service

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