OR State Representative wants to send immigrants to jails in China?


As we embark on an upcoming campaign to inform our audience about the truth behind laws such as SB 1070 and the copycat versions sprouting up across the country, it is truly astonishing to find that this heartless effort has absolutely nothing to do with ‘national security’ or ‘law abiding concerns’ like the proponents suggest, but rather more with how much profit they will benefit from every time an undocumented migrant is jailed.  As if greed wasn’t bad enough, now we find that it is not sufficient to lock up human beings for profit, but according to OR Sate Representative Dennis Richardson, it may be ‘more creative’ to figure out a way to ship them off to jails in China to ‘free up bed space’ as well.  It is truly amazing just how infinite hate can become when people cannot see past their own ignorance.  How much is enough?   

Report: OR State Representative wants to send immigrants to jails in China?

Posted By: CAUSA Communications Department at 8:59 AM

Published: Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Oregon State Representative Dennis Richardson, a Republican from Central Point (District 4), wants to send undocumented immigrants to Chinese jails.

Richardson wrote in his January 21st newsletter that sending “illegals” to be jailed in China would save money and “free up bed space”. And even though he admits that there could be “federal issues with moving prisoners across international borders”, he encouraged “creative thinking”.

Here is the passage from his newsletter:

“For instance, how about considering the effect on both cost and recidivism for Illegals who are sent to do their time in a private prison in China. With contractual agreements regarding care, treatment, nourishment, basic living conditions, etc., Illegals could be incarcerated for less than $10,000 per year-a fraction of current costs in Oregon. Plus, it would free up bed space and thereby avoid having to build or expand Oregon prisons. California contracts with Tennessee prisons, so why how about Oregon contracting with its number one export partner, China. (Certainly there might be federal issues with moving prisoners across international borders, but creative thinking is about “what if” and not “no, because.”)”

–Oregon State Representative Dennis Richardson

Is this the type of “creative thinking” we can expect from Mr. Richardson and his friends down at the Oregon State Legislature? To advocate breaking up families and sending them to jails in a country known for human rights abuses?

How about instead of coming up with nonsensical ideas and trying to create a polarized climate in Oregon, maybe Representative Richardson should support ideas that will actually give some benefit to Oregonians. A good start would be to back legislation that would allow all children in Oregon to have access to healthcare by eliminating barriers to enrollment. Maybe he could work toward increasing state funding for safety net clinics and community clinics, amplifying their ability to serve more uninsured families across Oregon.

Some other ideas? He could help sponsor a tuition equity bill allowing all students who have graduated from high school or received their GED in the State of Oregon the opportunity to pay in-state tuition to continue post-secondary education regardless of immigration status. Maybe he could even get behind recovery programs such as economic development, job training, and job creation programs, and ensure that these programs address the needs of the Latino community.

Working on these ideas at the Oregon State Legislature should surely keep him busy.

Those wishing to encourage State Representative Dennis Richards to support the common sense solutions we have offered above can contact his office at 503-986-1404


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