Ovarian Psycos: Riding the streets of LA like Mujeres


Image source: ovarian_psycos on Instagram


Riding through neighborhoods like Watts and Boyle Heights, often recognized for their violence and gang culture, the Ovarian Psycos are taking back the streets with their bikes. Known as a predominantly male activity in LA, the women who have monthly Luna rides are powerfully making cycling more inclusive with their feminine touches. No worries guys- they also have co-ed rides after a required class on machismo and male privilege. Denise Florez reports how these Latinas are breaking stereotypes and empowering their herstorically marginalized community.  

###Via the LA Times

Growing up, Evelyn Martinez's mother didn't want her to ride a bike.

"She thinks it's not safe for women to be riding late at night, and cars are dangerous too," Martinez said.

Moreover, her mother told her: "Bicycles are for men."

But after a chance meeting last year, Martinez joined an all-female, predominantly Latino cycling group that is both an answer and a challenge to the aggressive male biking culture. Like men's bike crews, it defies L.A.'s monolithic car culture with an in-your-face ethic, reflected in its name: the Ovarian Psyco Cycles Brigade.


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