Salma Hayek Dedicates Award to Undocumented Immigrants and DREAMers


Image Source: SynergyByDesign on Flickr

During her acceptance speech at the annual awards gala of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute, Salma Hayek had a special dedication. Read more about who she honored at the awards in Washington D.C. and what she had to say about Immigration reform critics. 


### Via The Washington Post 

A hazard of the red-carpet stroll in Washington during a political crisis is that the reporters’ questions go straight from make of dress to who’s to blame. Faced with such a prospect Wednesday evening at the Washington Convention Center, actress Salma Hayek considered her words carefully.

“Every time you come to D.C., it’s intense,” she said with sweet, lightly accented diplomacy before a Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute gala. “If you come during a government shutdown, it’s a little more intense.”

The past Oscar nominee felt a little more free to talk about immigration reform.






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