Senate Group On Immigration Reveals Its Comprehensive Plan

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A bipartisan group of senators have reached an agreement on the framework for an immigration overhaul. We can't say we are too excited. While the bill creates a the much sought "pathway to citizenship," a significant portion of the proposal focuses on policing and tracking immigrants. Read the five page proposal below. 

As Politico reports, the senators will go wide the proposal in a Monday press conference. This comes one day before President Obama will reveal his immigration plan on Tuesday in Las Vegas

Bipartisan Framework for Comprehensive Immigration Reform by CuentameL

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  • commented 2013-01-28 08:16:11 -0800
    Just open the border and stop playing. These measures aim at punishing and fining the immigrant (who has no money to spare and who has already been exploited, indentured and enslaved in this country) and fail to recognize the problem: The problem is that the United States tries too hard and spends too much money on the borders and doesn’t try to help people fulfill their full potential once they’re here. We punish the immigrant, and let the traffickers off scot free. We stigmatize the poor, and allow the rich to exploit them – and then we compound the insult by making them pay (even more than the thousands they have already paid to those who exploit and use them) the government, for the right to live free of fear and exploitation.

    Stop treating people as second class citizens and stop making it so hard to travel in BOTH directions across the border, and you will see s true difference in our immigration trends. This proposition only partially addresses the issues: When we remove the penalties for crossing the border, we remove the power of criminals to exploit good people who only seek to improve the lives of their families abroad. Our immigrants have already sacrificed enough and suffered more than the “powers that be” can even imagine. It’s time to embrace them and make good on the promises inscribed at the feet of the Statue of Liberty.