Democrats Unsure Who Should Lead On Immigration, White House or Congress?


Elise Foley from The Huffington Post is reporting Rep.Mario Diaz-Ballart (R-Fla.) and Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.) have concerns over the White House's dictation on immigration legislation. They both agree that if an immigration reform bill would be dealt with, it would have to be the bipartisan way, where both Republicans and Democrats can come together and negotiate with President Obama on some type of immigration reform.

Foley quotes Diaz-Ballart saying

'I think that would poison the water,' Diaz-Balart said of a potential White House-drafted bill. 'I think there are a lot of efforts out there, as there have to be, to try to get a bipartisan bill out. ... If we're going to get something that controversial done, that difficult done, that complex done, it obviously has to be done in a bipartisan way.'

Although, the Obama administration has not been able to release exact plans for the issue on immigration reform, some leaders of Congress expect President Obama to put forth his own bill inorder to be able to add on and have something to work from.  

Over on the Senate the "gang of eight," with members from both parties are working together on immigration bills that are successful in forming broad agreements on comprehensive legislation and are capable in creating proposals directed for migrant workers and students. 


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