Student Commits Suicide, Letters Reveal Worries over Immigration Status

PKG_immigrant_suicide-300x224.jpgImmigration Reform is NOT just an issue up for debate!  Joaquin Luna took his own life, because he feared he could never go to college and achieve his dream to make a better life for his family.  We need to make others look past the legislature and the numbers and SEE the faces and HEAR the stories of who are really being affected by immigration.  RIP Joaquin.  We WILL tell your story.


Via The Sun Valley News

Diyre Mendoza of Mission recalled Saturday, how his little brother, 18-year-old Joaquin Luna, hoped to become an engineer.

The undocumented immigrant was a Senior at Juarez Lincoln High School in Mission.

“It’s like all these kids that are here, they’re all dependant in that Dream Act to keep on studying,” Mendoza said.

The family is now planning Luna’s funeral.

They said the teen committed suicide Friday – leaving letters behind revealing he was worried about his immigration status.

Family said he was frustrated the Dream Act never passed – an initiative to give permanent residency in the U.S. to a select group of illegal immigrants.

“He didn’t (see) any other way or no other option,” Mendoza said.

Family said Friday at around 9 p.m., Luna dressed-up in a tie and suit, kissed them good-bye, then went into the restroom and shot himself in the head, with a small handgun.

“As soon as I pulled him out to the kitchen,” Mendoza said, “I could see the bullet hole and there was no movement, no signs of anything – he was gone.”

Luna wanted to succeed in life to provide a better life for his mother, Santa Lerma Mendoza.

Family told Action 4 News that in his suicide letters, the teen wrote that he feared being an illegal immigrant would keep him from fulfilling his goals.

“He was saying he was going to do this because he wasn’t going to be able to continue with his college,” Mendoza said.

Luna’s mother is only left with grief.

“Kids, don’t take your life,” she said while in tears.

“When you want something bad enough, you can achieve it.

Have faith in God and ask with all your heart that he give you opportunities.”

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