5 Things Brazilian Protestors Are Demanding


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The government already backed off on the bus fare hikes, yet more than 1 million people are still going to the streets to protest for a better Brazil without corruption, holding true to their main claim: "It's not about 20 cents".  

What is then the real causes of the protests? What are palpable vindications from the people? 

While right wing groups try to pinpoint the protests on Dilma and call for her impeachment; an insider group "Passe Livre," which originated the protests around the bus fare hike, said they’re satisfied with their victory.  The people of Brazil want more and have agreed on 5 demands:  

1- NO to PEC 37 (The acronym PEC means Constitutional Amendment Proposition) - #37 It's being called by the people as the "Impunity PEC"; essentially this amendment will prohibit criminal investigation conducted by the Public Ministries against elected Politicians, and over-budget public projects (Such as the over budget stadiums built for the World Cup)

 2- Immediate resignation of National Congress President Renan Callheiros - He's been accused of corruption numerous times,and despite that, he's still the Senator elected as the President of Congress.

3- Investigation of irregularities on the World Cup Stadium Projects -  Initially the estimated budget to get everything up and running for the World Cup was $5 Billion, it's hard to grasp but numbers are adding up to even 3 times more that amount. 

4- The creation of a Constitutional amendment that makes corruption at the Congress level a heinous crime - 

5- End of Privilege Forum for Elected Officials - As of now, elected politicians don't have to abide by the same laws as a regular citizen. Political authorities should be tried by a court of first instance to different, just as the majority of Brazilians who commit crimes.

You can find these 5 demands all over Facebook, Twitter and Reddit, meanwhile mainstream media are still concentrating on the violent portion (small, but existent) of the protests and are yet to recognize and point out these 5 demands from the people. Wonder why? It's up to us to spread the word. Please share!

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