Wizard Rock the Vote


Like many kids around the world I was introduced to Harry Potter when I was in middle school. The book series kept me interested book after book and when the movies came out I made sure to go see them. I was only a casual fan but I was aware of the hardcore fan base that existed. What I didn’t think about was using Harry Potter and the world of Wizards and Witches for good and I’m talking real good not just magic. So you can image my surprise when I bumped into this video from the Harry Potter Alliance. First I was impressed with how relatable Julian was even if you are not a Harry Potter fan everyone has experienced a disappointing moment in their lives and to hear Julian talk about Leakycon it is heartbreaking that he cannot attend. He sheds light to why we need Immigration Reform and the Dream Act. And lets us know that Harry Potter is a supporter of immigration reform. Also I couldn’t believe that the Harry Potter Alliance is a real organization it’s not just a bunch of kids online it’s a 501c3 nonprofit and has raised over $120,000 for health efforts in Haiti and has donate over 80,000 books worldwide.

The Harry Potter Alliance is also involved in civic engagement efforts here in the US and they’ve been doing so since 2008 through their Wizard Rock the Vote program. I asked Julian to tell me more about how Wizard Rock the Vote works here’s what he said, “Over the summer the HPA runs Wizard Rock the Vote to register young voters and get the word out about voting. Wizard rock bands The Whomping Willows and Harry and the Potters are participating this year. The HPA sends volunteers to each show and encourages attendees to register to vote. This year we're also encouraging our members to seek out local ballot initiatives in their towns, cities, and states to see the ones that are most important to them and to the HPA's mission of equality for all.”It’s good to see something fun and creative to liven up what is unfortunately too often the dull task of voter registration. Registering to vote and registering others is one of the most important things that an organization or an individual can do so I applaud the Harry Potter Alliance for their efforts. Next time you find yourself in a wizard rock band concert skip the quidditch match and check out Wizard Rock the Vote.



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