Gary Mead, Top DHS/ICE Official Resigns Days After Immigrant Detainees Released


The AP is reporting that top DHS and ICE official Gary Mead has resigned. Coincidence that the resignation comes after the release of low-priority detainees were released from several detention centers? We doubt it, Mead was in charge of the Enforcement and Removal Operations, the body responsible for detention center contracts and deportations.

"The feds are saying that it was not tied to recent nationwide immigrants' release and that this comes as no surprise. It is not a surprise for us either, after his dismal performance and absolutely horrendous deportation record and the absurd close ties to private detention centers, this should be a welcomed change. Maybe Corrections Corporation of America has a job for him next" Axel, director of Cuentame, and the rest of the team applauding. 

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