Brooklyn: Third Night of Protests After Undercover Police Shoot and Kill Teenager


(img via Twitter: @johnknefel)

The national media has been criminally silent on the story of Kimani Gray, the sixteen year old Brooklyn teenager who was shot and killed by undercover NYPD this past weekend. 

Today reports that eighteen have been arrested as New Yorkers continue their third night of protests in the neighborhood of Flatbush. 

On March 10th the Gothamist wrote

Police said two Brooklyn South Anti Crime plainclothes officers had been on patrol when they noticed young males near 473 East 52nd Street. According to the NYPD's statement, the cops noticed one "break away from the group upon noticing the police. The male... adjusted his waistband and continued to act in a suspicious manner. The officers exited their unmarked auto and attempted to engage the suspect, who turned on them, and pointed a .38 caliber revolver at the officers. Both officers fired at the suspect, striking him about the body."

Witness Devonte Brown has a different story and tells the NY Daily News, 

The cops, they just jumped out of the car so fast. They started shooting him and he went down. He was bleeding, holding his side, screaming, ‘Stop, stop!

 RT has more on the latest. 

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