From Funny or Die: 'Jan Brewer' Sends George Lopez a 'Self Deportation Station.' Check Out His Reaction

During the Repubican primaries Mitt Romney touted Arizona's state law SB1070 as a 'model for the country.' The intent being to make conditions unlivable and discrimination so rampant that undocumented immigrants would have to self-deport. The comedy web-site Funny or Die take Arizona Governor Jan Brewer's logic to its furthest extend and hilariously unpacks just how twisted of a model Arizona really is. 


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  • commented 2012-08-27 15:22:46 -0700
    Hey Ken. That question comes up pretty often. Morrissey and The Smiths have a unique and strong following amongst Mexican, and Central Americans in the States, especially in Southern California. I suggest a documentary called “Passions Just Like Mine” if you’re interested. Also, here’s an article from the Guardian
  • commented 2012-08-27 14:49:21 -0700
    I have to find out what the $#*& a poster of Morrissey is doing in that SRS.
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