In The Clear? Charges Against Anti-Gang Leader Dropped

The LA Times is reporting that charges against one of the most respected anti-gang activists in country the have been dropped by a U.S. District Judge citing "indictment errors." The marathon case began in 2010 when Alex Sanchez was charged with conspiracy to commit murder and federal racketeering.

This is great news, but is he in the clear? There may be a window of opportunity to refile charges the Time reports

A U.S. District Court judge has dismissed federal racketeering and conspiracy to commit murder charges against a well-known anti-gang activist at the request of federal prosecutors, who acknowledged that the original indictment contained "errors."

But Judge Dale S. Fischer made the decision to dismiss the charges against Alex Sanchez without prejudice, a move that would allow prosecutors to refile charges.

Assistant U.S. Atty. Garth Hire on Wednesday said prosecutors will review the evidence and make a decision by March on whether to refile.

Speaking to the Times Sanchez expressed

I feel grateful," said Sanchez, executive director of the nonprofit Homies Unidos, outside the Edward R. Roybal Federal Building. "I expect [federal prosecutors] to do the right thing and not refile an indictment on me.

We too hope the prosecutors do the right thing. 

Learn more about Alex's case from Cuéntame's "Who Is Alex Sanchez" series.

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  • commented 2013-02-05 02:12:06 -0800
    These is one of the biggest problems we have, the system does not work for us the same as for the rest of the country. We are guilty until proven innocent. Being Latino makes you guilty, therefore, what the prosecutor does is scare our people into taking a plead. Unfortunately, a lot of time, they end up with Legal Aid Attorneys who do not represent them but convince them to take a plead.