Pawlenty: Immigrants = Terrorists?


Another hat in the presidential ring; Republican Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty has announced his candidacy.  He will soon be expected to make his presidential pitch to Latinos — but memories of his “Immigrants are Terrorist” 2002 campaign ad are spreading rapidly online. Ad below — What do you think? — Axel Caballero

By Sara Ines Calderon

Via News Taco

Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty announced he would be seeking the Republican nomination for president today, but what he has neglected to say now that he — like any other presidential contender — is seeking Latino votes is that does not have the best record when it comes to serving this particular slice of the American population.

Perhaps his whole equating terrorism with immigration thing back in 2002 was a good hint that he either didn’t understand the complexity of an issue like immigration, which is hard to imagine. Much more likely is that Pawlenty purposely equated immigrants with terrorists because he wanted to win conservative votes. Now he’s gunning for Latino votes. Here are a few more anti-Latino policies Pawlenty has supported:

Earlier this year at a Latino conservatives conference in Miami this January, when he had a chance to share what the best way would be to address this issue, he didn’t. He had absolutely no clear plan with how to fix the immigration system, just empty words characterizing Latinos as criminals, “We need to start the discussion with the notion that the rule of law is a cornerstone tenet for our nation.”

On his campaign website, there’s no plan there either, and he doesn’t address any of this. There is not currently neither a plan for either substantive national security nor immigration reform (here’s ascreenshot). Which is to say, either Tim Pawlenty doesn’t know what he’s doing, or he knows exactly what he’s doing — depending on which voters are in the audience.

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