DREAMers Paid A Visit To Rep. Steve King, He Started Drama On Twitter

So a couple hours ago DREAMers from UWD paid a visit to Rep. Steve King to ask him why he wanted to defund DACA, and it reminded everyone that Rep. King is still a jerk. 

This happened first. 

Then this happened.  



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  • commented 2013-06-13 17:53:56 -0700
    King’s just honked off that these future teachers, future lawyers, etc. didn’t bring large monetary donations with them. You know, like other visitors to Representatives’ offices do. Times have changed since the original Tea Party. Taxation without representation is once again standard procedure. Instead of paying taxes, people (corporations are people, says the law) need to pay bribes. THAT’S the only way to get any representation nowadays.

    You can bet if these “foreigners” were foreign CEOs bearing cash, the congressman’s door would have been wide open and welcoming.

    Alas, it’s not just King who works this way (though he represents my district). It’s politics as usual on both sides of the aisle, and it makes me sick.
  • commented 2013-06-13 14:28:57 -0700
    I can see why he is so afraid. They look like Americans and he looks like a refugee from a German beer fest.
  • commented 2013-06-13 11:57:49 -0700
    One day civil rights history will look back on this generation as the bravest of generations. Fight. Always Fight. And take these lessons to change the world.
    “If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.”
    ― Martin Luther King Jr.