Texas Legislator Pushes For Voter Purge

texas.jpgA federal court struck down Texas' voter ID legislation, but that's not stopping some lawmakers from restricting the electoral process. Texas Rep. Jim Murphy is pushing for a grand voter purge. 

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via ThinkProgress


HOUSTON, Texas — The Texas state representative behind some of his state’s recent anti-voter legislation has announced a new goal: purge the voter rolls, and do it soon.

State Rep. Jim Murphy (R) told ThinkProgress on Monday that if he had his druthers, Texas would “purge the rolls sooner or suspend voters.” Murphy, who last year authored some of Texas’s new restrictions on voter registration groups, argued that if a voter hadn’t voted “in some time,” that person’s registration should be suspended unless they respond to a letter from the state.

KEYES: What do you see coming down the pike as the next wave of legislation on election integrity? Are there other things that come to mind that you’ve been percolating with, trying to make happen but maybe the timing’s not quite right?

MURPHY: I would like to see us purge the rolls sooner or suspend voters. We have places where you have over 100 percent of voters in the county register. When you move, you don’t un-register yourself, you just move. We ought to have a way if someone hasn’t voted in some time that you can be put on suspense and you can send them a letter that says, ‘Are you still there? Are you still around?’

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